Apothecary Guild

AG Opal Glass Candle - White & Blue - Sunset Beach


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Details & Dimensions

The Apothecary guild Opal candle collection is a stunning array of candles that are both visually appealing and delightfully fragrant. The candles come in a range of 8 different colors and scents, each contained within a beautiful, marble-like textured translucent jar. Available in three different sizes, these candles make a statement in any room they are placed in. With their unique design and luxurious aroma, the Apothecary guild Opal candle collection is the perfect addition to any home.

  • Mini Candle w/Gift Box
  • Small Candle w/Gift Box
    • Dimensions: 3.5" x 4"
    • Box Dimensions: 4" x 4.25"
    • Wax Weight: 312 g // 11 oz
    • Burn Time: 60 hours
  • Three-Wick Candle 
    • Dimensions: 6" x 6"
    • Wax Weight: 1,418 g // 50.02 oz
    • Burn Time: 150 hours
  • Five-Wick Candle
    • Dimensions: 8" x 8"
    • Wax Weight: 3,632 g // 128.12 oz
    • Burn Time: 250 hours

Sunset Blue candle fragrance captures the essence of a refreshing ocean breeze at dusk. The fragrance opens with a cool and invigorating blend of cyclamen, iced coconut water, and zesty tangelo, creating an immediate sense of freshness. The heart of the fragrance is composed of a crisp ozonic accord, sea lily, and palm leaves, evoking the scent of salty ocean air and lush tropical foliage. The fragrance settles into a base of warm beachwood, deep indigo musk, and smooth white amber, creating a sense of tranquility and calm. The combination of fresh and warm notes makes Sunset Blue a perfect candle for relaxation and creating a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Fragrance Notes: 
    • TOP NOTESCool Cyclamen, Iced Coconut Water Accord, Tangelo Zest
    • MIDDLE NOTESCrisp Ozonic Accord, Sea Lily, Palm Leaves
    • BASE NOTESBeachwood, Indigo Musk, White Amber