Liven Up Your Living Space


Do you find that your room or living area is “drab”? Are you looking for some simple décor to decorate a dining table or mantel? One great option is to add some green! Topiaries are a great decorative accessory. They’re not messy and they are very easy to maintain. The topiaries that we feature on Carlyle Avenue are preserved boxwood topiaries.  I love the way Roxane used these to decorate the mantel above her fireplace.

Since Roxane has moved into her apartment she has gone through all kinds of plants, roses, blueberry plants, basil plants, peonies, ranunculus, you name it. Unfortunately they all die after a few days. If you have trouble keeping plants alive these are for you! They are real AND they won’t die.

I’ve also seen these used as centerpieces on a dining table. They could be the perfect addition to a rustic wedding.


We carry several different styles and sizes and there is no limit to where they can go. They are elegant, classy, bright, and fun!

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