Review of our Signature Gardenia Candle

Once in a while, a customer will leave us such a beautiful review that it just leaves us speechless. This particular customer did such a wonderful job articulating her amazing experience with our Signature Gardenia Candle, that were seriously thinking about replacing our own description with hers! 
The ever elusive Gardenia  08/11/2013
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Getting Gardenia’s scent right is really hard it has something to do with the waxy flower petals or so I’ve heard and Zodax does it wonderfully. The heady floral scent is somewhat tamed with a hint of white pepper or some other mystery spice. Most importantly it reminds me of the Gardenia bushes my grandmother had in Charleston. To me that’s a roaring success. 
The candle is a clean burner and the wick is the perfect size for the beautiful glass container insuring an even burn. The pressed glass container is lovely raising this candle head and shoulders above most other candles in this price range. If given as a gift rest assured it will be treasured. 
All I can say is that if you intend to give this as a gift you better buy two because you won’t want to let it go.
We already feel like we have the best customers, but thanks for reminding us Joy W!

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