Riva Aquarama Special Model Boat Riva is not a boat, but a...

Riva Aquarama Special Model Boat

Riva is not a boat, but a lifestyle. It is the fulfillment of a dream. Like driving a Ferrari or flying a Lear Jet, owning a Riva is the realization of a fantasy. 

Since 1842, the name Riva has been synonymous with quality, beauty and elegance in the world of luxury boating.  The crown jewel of this dynasty is the Riva Aquarama Special, which was launched in 1962.  Jet-setters, movie stars and even several heads of state became the celebrity owners of the Riva Aquarama Special in the 1960’s and beyond.  The Riva legend and obsession extended from the Cote D’Azure to Miami Beach then, and the tradition continues to this day.  

Our Riva model is true to the spirit and aura of the real boat in every way.  It is handcrafted from mahogany and cherry woods, fitted with chromed brass parts and fitted with imitation leather in various colors for the seats and trim.  Finally, the finished boat is lacquered five times and then wax polished to give it the glow and durability that makes it a prized collectible.  It takes a single craftsman 12 eight-hour days to finish a single Riva Aquarama Special boat that we are proud to offer for your enjoyment.

Our Riva Aquarama Special Model Boat is the perfect way to bring luxury into your home. It’s on sale and we have ONLY 1 AVAILABLE! 


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